Thursday, December 16, 2010

Copia - Digital Book Club

Copia is a site dedicated to creating a social network for people who read eBooks.  "If a book is worth reading, it is worth discussing."  With Copia you will be able to browse and buy eBooks, create an account (which will give you 7 free eBooks - a $42 value), get into groups of people who are reading the same eBook as you, and enjoy powerful desktop reading and/or iPad reading through their app. 

If your school has gone to eBook readers, or students are reading books via iPod Touches, you can download the free iPad app or desktop software and students will then be able to discuss the book with one another.  Same goes for teachers.  Think of Copia as taking the Book Club to the digital format.  To learn more about Copia, click here.  To take a tour and watch a video, click here.

I could really see this being a valuable asset to schools that are taking reading to a digital level.  Having access to classic books is becoming easier and easier as they become free for download on various sites.  If Copia would create an education aspect for adding school textbooks it could be a beneficial addition as well.

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