Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Personally, I find myself using the Notes app on my iPhone a lot.  Problem is, I have had no way to sync those notes to my computer without copying and pasting them into an email.  Simplenote is an app/software that allows you to create, share, and save all your notes.  Simplenote is a free application for iPod, iPhone, and iPad.  Creating an account for Simplenote is as easy as an email address and password.

For each note you can add tags (which is like creating folders) as well which helps keep all your notes organized and makes it easier to separate personal and professional notes.  If you create a note and forget to tag it, you can do that after the fact.You will have to put up with some ads...but it is free, so that is expected.  The ability of the software to easily streamline data between devices was really good, I was impressed.  Each note also provides you with the number of words and characters as well.  You can also pin each note to the top of your list.

There are also several desktop based apps that will also make it easier to streamline all the data from your devices and the web.  What is great is that there are several other apps that you can download that sync with Simplenote

One feature that I have not seen elsewhere is the ability to take a note and publish it as a web page.  You can also share the note and it will create a URL as well.  Whoever you share the note with, you both can make changes at anytime.  What a great collaboration addition.

You can upgrade to a premium account for $1.00 a month as well as purchase an ad free version within the application.  I find this to be a very thorough note taking application, something I can see being used by students once tablet technology takes off.

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