Monday, February 28, 2011

Prezi Theme Wizard

Prezi, one of my favorite new tools has finally created a Theme Wizard for their colors and fonts, thus allowing for even more personalization.  They have also made it a lot easier to embed a YouTube video as well by providing a simple URL copy and paste window.  Below you will see three screen shots and each one will explain what the new Theme Wizard allows you to do.

Theme Wizard Page 1 allows users to select various background colors as well as upload a logo to the presentation.  The logo is limited to a 250x100 pixel image.

Theme Wizard Page 2 allows users to choose both the font AND color for the Title 1, Title 2, and Body text. 

Theme Wizard Page 3 allows users to choose the colors of the various frames, the shapes, arrows, and lines, as well as the highlighter color. 

What is great about the wizard is that as you make the changes, the wizard shows you what your changes will look like, so there is no going back and forth seeing how your presentation will look.  If you prefer not to use the wizard, you can also click on the "Manual" button and it will allows you to type in the color reference keys that you would like for your presentation.  This has taken a great product and made it even better. 

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