Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time Warp - Posts from February 2010

A year later it is interesting going back and looking at what you said, sites you found, ideas you had, and "re-reflecting."  In February 2010, I was still fairly new to the whole blogging and Twitter experience, so much of February focused more on what I was experiencing in my new job and new Professional Learning Network.  So here are some of the best posts from February 2010 and a short description.

1.) Integrating Technology One School at a Time - Discussing with my readers what my new job was and how my district was working to integrate technology.

2.) My First #edchat - A reflection on my participation in an #edchat and how it made me reflect on how I reflect.

3.) Oh Come On...Not Another Power Point - A post encouraging the use of Web 2.0 tools in place of Power Point.

4.) How Do You Reflect? - An extension on my post about #edchat and encouraging teachers to reflect through blogging and encouraging administrators to encourage teachers to blog as a form of reflection and observation.

5.) Facebook 4 Education - There was a lot of negativity in the news about Facebook and how teachers and students were using it inappropriately.  I created a wiki with the goal in mind of promoting the positive use in classrooms, schools, and districts.  Since that time, Facebook has taken off from an education stand point.  I wish I had more time to update it though.  Hopefully some of you all can help!

If you have a blog, what were you writing about a year ago?

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  1. What a fun idea to go back and see what you were up to a year ago. I often forget that my blog is more than just a capture of is a living time capsule.