Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Becoming more and more popular are web applications that allow users to easily share files across the web.  I have previously written about Min.us and Ge.tt which provide that ability.  goPileus is another option for easily sharing files over the web.  There is a simple drag and drop interface or the ability to upload a file.  You can create an account providing just an email, username, and password.  This allows you to track the files you are sharing.

When you use goPileus you create a box and use it to keep files sorted and easy to find. Select one of them and see the files inside.  You can link your bit.ly account and get short-url for your files.  Once you drag and drop your files you will have a short URL available to share your files. 

As educators, sometimes we need to get files to our students who are sick or on home-bound.  Sites like goPileus provide an avenue for sharing files that we use in our classrooms.  It would be a great way to share images as well.

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