Friday, March 11, 2011


I realize that this is a technology blog.  I also realize that sometimes, something that is not necessarily technology can change how we teach.  I also went to a public school that did not follow the standard "rules" that you see in several schools today.  We called teachers by their first name, had couches and comfortable chairs in several of our classes, and we did not use a bell system to go from one class to the next.  Very non-traditional, but very rewarding. 

So with that I mention IdeaPaint which is a paint that you can apply to your wall that turns the entire wall into a whiteboard.  Imagine the ability to complete group work and have students present ideas from anywhere in the room and then when finished, just erase it.

IdeaPaint provides a way for teachers to teach from anywhere in the room and can remove the standard desk in rows mentality of teaching.  No more poster boards or using rolls of large paper to have groups present information, they can just go to the wall and start writing.

See the video below for how it started