Friday, March 4, 2011

My Google Reader - Sharing it With You

I recently updated and organized my Google Reader account so that it would be easier for me to read all the great blogs out there related to education, educational technology, administration, and reform.  I am sure there are several that I am missing from my list, but these are the ones that I read the most.  You can see from the image below how I have organized my blogs (you can see I have some reading to do):
If you are new to having a Google Reader account and are interested in creating a great list of blogs to read, I highly recommend adding what I read to your account, or creating a new Google Reader and starting with these.  To get started, you will need to download my Google Reader Subscription that I have made available through the site

When you download the file you will need to go to your Google Reader Settings and then click on the Import/Export tab.  You will see an "import" area.  Browse your computer where you saved the Subscription List and upload it to your Google Reader Account.

You will then have access to 167 education blogs that are worth reading.  If there are some that you are not interested in, just delete them.  The software blogs in case you are wondering are the blogs of web 2.0 websites that I use often (Evernote, Google, Prezi, etc).  The Elective Blogs are PE, Foreign Language, Business, etc.

Happy Reading!

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