Thursday, March 3, 2011


Synchtube allows you to instantly create public and private rooms where you can synchronize YouTube and Vimeo music and videos with up to 50 people. Everyone views the same video at the exact same time!  For schools that are a 1:1 program or classrooms where every student has a computer, this site would be beneficial to allow students to watch a video without having to look towards the front of the room. 

Synchtube is simple to use.  You click on the Create Room button and you are provided an area to copy and paste the video URL.  What is great about this part of the site is that it allows you to copy and paste multiple video URL's, therefore, creating a playlist of videos for students to watch.  Synchtube automatically provides an easy to share URL.  There is also a chat area which provides a way to backchannel and allow students to discuss the video as they are watching it. 

For each "room" that you create you can determine whether it is a private room or a public room and also provide a welcome message.  This would be a good place to have your lesson objective or "I Can" statement so that students know what to look for in the video and know what they need to be prepared to discuss.

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  1. I have really found your site useful in technology class. We took several days to explore your list of links before evaluating one in the form of a blog entry. Yesterday, we read through your book "Tools For the 21st Century Teacher Volume 2" and I found it very interesting. I had no idea you could do so many things with YouTube!