Wednesday, April 20, 2011

3 Links for All Subjects and Teachers

Shared on the Technology Bits, Bytes, and Nibbles Blog is a resource from Simple K12100 Virtual Field Trips for Teachers.  You can find field trips for just about every subject matter.  From Simple K12:
    "Virtual field trips challenge and expose students to new types of technology. It is a great way to spark their interest and motivate their learning in a specific content area. Virtual field trips can offer students more opportunities because you can take them to places they wouldn't normally be able to go to otherwise - like inside a volcano or ocean floor! In addition, virtual field trips may even boost students' reading comprehension skills and will expose them to different cultures and environments."  Check out the list and see what it might have to offer for your classroom.

The Department of Education provides Federal Resources for Educational Excellence.  Available within this resource are Animations, Primary Documents, Photos, and Videos.  The resources are broken down by subject and then broken down by curriculum and/or time period.  This would be a valuable first stop for teachers looking for some resources to use with their students.  There are several valuable resources for every teacher. 

From Teach Hub comes 100+ Google Tips and Tricks for Teachers.  You will find tips and tricks for using Google Search, Google in Education, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Mobile, Google Chrome, Google Books, and Google Apps.  Looking to use Google in the classroom, start here for tips to learn how.  (Is this a record for the number of time Google appears in one paragraph?)

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