Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dropdo - The Smart File Viewer

From their Blog:
"For a long time now (one or two years), I’ve wished there was a better way to share and see files others have shared than having to download them and open them up in whatever crappy application works. It usually goes like this:
  • Oh cool, here’s that file I need
  • grumble downloading grumble
  • grumble minimize browser grumble
  • grumble double click to open grumble
  • grumble wait 15 seconds for MS Word to open grumble
  • Yay, file!"

File sharing sites are abundant across the Internet these days.  Sometimes though, you might not want to download the file but just view it.  Dropdo is for that purpose and is very simple to use.  First thing you do is upload a file, Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, OpenOffice, RTF, CSV, etc.), images (including EPS, SVG, PSD, Illustrator, etc.), a few video formats, a few audio formats (including MP3), plain text, and markdown.  Once you upload the file you will send a provided link to your friends where they will be able to view the file without downloading it.  You can see samples of each by clicking on the links on the front page of Dropdo.  After viewing, users will have the option to download the file as well.

There is also a Chrome and Firefox extension as well.

This could be a useful website for teachers who don't have access to other collaborative applications like Google Docs or Live @EDU.  There are instances where a student might create a video and then has trouble getting it to a teacher.  This is one way to fix that issue.

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