Thursday, October 13, 2011

3 New Web 2.0 Resources is another option for grouping links together into one set.  You can insert up to 3 dozen links.  For each link you provide the URL and a caption.  For your list you can create a Title, a Description, Table of Contents, and a custom URL.  You can embed links in tabs and use the real titles as an option as well.  Once you are finished you can provide the link to students and they have the websites that they can use for a project.

Wormwall is a website that allows you to easily create a simple web page in minutes.  Create online flyers, fan pages, publish writing, etc.  It makes it easy for students to publish online content and share with teachers, other students, and the world.  It is easy and requires no "tech stuff."  Most of the HTML processes are done for the user. 

Let's Pocket is a cross platform website that allows users to easily organize information and take notes easily.  You can add notes via SMS messages or through the website.  You can customize the look and add tags as well as arrange notes in a fashion that meets your needs.  Let's Pocket provides a quick and easy way to "jot down those things of importance," by jotting them down electronically. 

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