Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Routine Tap

Students have trouble developing and maintaining short and long term goals for themselves.  Sometimes a little reminder can go a long way in helping a student achieve those goals.  Routine Tap is a web software that allows users to track their goals online.  The service works by allowing users to set their own questions/goals and then answer/respond to them on a regular basis (I guess one goal would be to make sure you check on your goals!).  As time goes on, you will see the data/patterns to your goal achievement.

Students could easily create goals related to school work, athletics, professional work, personal life, etc.  Anything to help students track their goals and get them thinking about the short term and long term aspects of their life outside of school.  Using the service is free and signing up is as simple as a name, email, and password.

To learn more about Routine Tap and how you might share it with your students, read more about it HERE.

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