Thursday, February 16, 2012


TourWrist is a website dedicated to providing elegant and high quality 360 degree panorama pictures from places around the world.  Most of these have been user submitted, but the concept is great for showcasing places around the globe in great detail.  This one for the Grand Canyon is pretty sweet. You can browse other uploaded panoramas as well.  There are not that many now, but over time, and the app being free, this could really take off with how high quality the images are.

Tourwrist uses a free iPhone/iPad app and you can upload them from there.  Students could use these for a project, or it might be a neat way to share your school campus with visitors to your school website. Would be a great way to share your town with everyone you know or even for a local community project.  I could see this app taking off for Geography classes as well.

Here is their introduction video

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