Wednesday, May 16, 2012


A while back I posted about using TED Talks in Education.  Then, today I came across a new website that TED announced earlier in the year (around March) TED-Ed where teachers can search through the TED talks and find videos by subject matter.  You can also find videos that are featured and part of a series.  Each video comes with multiple choice questions and a constructed response option.  TED, is just trying to appease those in charge of education that think this is the best way to show learning.  The TeachPaperless Blog as an interesting take on this service, and I agree with a lot that he says.

When I originally shared using TED Talks in the classroom, the main focus was to provide further evidence of the content I was teaching and to spark discussion related to the content.  Showing a video and then answering questions about the video does not really "show" learning.  Taking that video, discussing the video, then having students create their own "Talks" does.  Could you imagine the impact of a school having their own version of Talks related to issues you are teaching or in the community.  This is taking the education of students to the next level.

You can watch the video below about TED-Ed.

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