Tuesday, May 15, 2012


As a golf coach when organizing my teams and players for invitationals I would host, I would always color coordinate players by teams and then by scores.  It made it easy for me to see whether I had players from the same team in the same "flights."  Well the goal of Twimbow is to make your twitterfeed colorful while also providing some other helpful features for reading Twitter feeds.

With the colors you can filter groups of users, catch important tweets, and distinguish between the different types of messages that appear in a feed.   Color coded tweets are broken down into Retweets, Mentions, Direct Messages (to and from), favorites, etc. There are specialized areas for grouping lists by color and then a Monitor area for keeping track of keywords, users, tags, lists, etc.

One interesting feature is that certain tags are replaced with images, making those tags stick out more.   Users can customize and create new labels that are color-coded for different purposes.  You can easily preview any image or videos within the browser, therefore negating the need to open a new window.  If you are into sharing music, Twimbow provides an easy way to share music videos and music files that open within the browser as well.

Now, one of the neatest features that I have seen so far is a Reader.  This feature allows users to read almost any content on the web by removing any other visual distractions from online articles.  No ads, no annoying stuff, just content.  You can easily save the blog post to Instapaper or Read It Later

Here is their channel on YouTube to see a few short clips that showcase the software in action.  It is important to note that this service is still in Beta.

For more information, here is a video featuring the CEO as he discusses the service.  It is over 20 minutes long however.

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