Wednesday, August 15, 2012


TagMyDoc is a service that allows users to easily "tag" their documents with a QR Code and by doing so automatically stores the document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) in the cloud so that it is easily accessible by anyone needing a copy.  To use TagMyDoc you will need to install an extension to your Office software that allows the service to work.  The extension will appear as a new option in the Office Ribbon at the top of the screen. 

With a free account you have the ability to upload 100 documents that you tag.  You can add more space for small monthly fee if you find yourself using this service all the time.  You can also organize your documents on the website as well.  There is a ScanMyDoc App as well for both Apple Devices and Android Devices

I could see this being used for students who have a tendency to forget assignments in their locker, so they could easily scan the document after class or in class (Depending on school policy) so that they have access to this at home.  Administration could also use this document to provide ways for teachers to get access to documents that they share for professional development and faculty meetings. 

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  1. I'm in charge of marketing for TagMyDoc. First, thanks a lot for your article! However, you don't have to install the office extension to use TagMyDoc. It's just a more convenient way to Tag your document, but you can also do it easily directly from your account on! Thanks angain!