Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Sitehoover advertises itself as a website for collecting and storing your favorite websites.  Like similar sites, it makes all your favorite websites available from any computer.  One difference is that Sitehoover will inform you about new stuff coming up on your favorite websites.  Registration for the site is simple.  All that is required is an email and the creation of a password.  If you don't create an account, the hoover is removed in a few days.

When you visit the site you will type in a topic you are interested in.  You then add the websites that belong under that topic.  You can also create folders which will thematically organize your websites for you.  For each website you can add a note about them as well.  For teachers there is the ability to see previously tagged websites.  For example, here is one for K-5.

Sitehoover could be utilized in the classroom by allowing students to collect and document websites for a class project.  The ability to add notes to a website will allow students the easy ability to annotate the website as well and then retrieve those annotations at a later time.   See the screenshot below.  But here is an example for how a teacher is utilizing it for her classroom. 

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