Monday, July 30, 2012

New Job

I have accepted a new position as Curriculum Coordinator at another high school in my district.  I am not quite sure what that will mean for this blog.  I am still trying to figure out exactly what my goal is with this blog since I am in my 3rd position in as many years (and that is not a complaint).  I hope that I will have more time to write some posts sharing ways that we are improving curriculum and using technology in the classroom.

It will be a busy year with several new teachers in the building, working on an accreditation review, Program Reviews, and improving methodology of PLC's/CLC's.  I hope to find some time to work on adding some posts to this blog. 

I wish I could go back and remove the ".blogspot," and get my original domain, but as quick as my domain was removed, it appeared it was picked up just as quickly, therefore I would have to change to a .net or change the whole URL, which I am not a fan of.  So it appears that I will have to stick with the ".blogspot." for now.

Thanks for following....even though there hasn't been much to follow in the past year.

1 comment:

  1. Best wishes on your new position, Michael. Blog as you can and let this space be useful for you and your own learning. Hope our paths cross again soon.


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