Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Slices for Twitter

Slices for Twitter is an alternative for looking through your Twitter feed.  I recently came across this service when our Art teacher mentioned it to me and a Science teacher emailed me a link to an article via the Slices App.  Slices is available for both Android, Apple, and Amazon (weird how those all begin with an "A" mobile devices; as well as on the Web

Slices provides an easy way to explore the Twitterverse with user created groups and created list by the App itself that focus on News, Fashion, Live Events, etc.  It is like a Hashtag organizer for Twitter.  If you find yourself with a Twitter full of people you follow, this might a valuable alternative for looking through your Twitterfeed. 

For more information about Slices, which is in Beta, see the video below.

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