Thursday, October 18, 2012

Some Great Information from Edudemic

I am not sure how many of you all are familiar with the site Edudemic, but the other day looking through my Twitter feed I came across several valuable posts related to technology and education.  The goal of Edudemic is to mainstream the learning process; to bring the great stuff related to education in one central location.

As we move forward with more instructional technology, it will be important that students have a good understanding of what it means to be a good Digital Citizen.  A valuable resource will be The Teacher's Guide to Digital Citizenship which offers insights and resources into understanding safe Internet use by students. 

Wikipedia CAN be a valuable resource for student and teacher use.  Wikipedia itself has tons of other resources which I have written about before.  One of the struggles with Wikipedia is the accuracy of the information that is available on their sites.  A valuable resource that teachers should be interested in reading is The Teacher's Guide to Wikipedia.  Very important to have a good understanding of how to use Wikipedia and this is a valuable starting point. 

Twitter can be an excellent resources for educators.  The biggest problem for new users to Twitter is discovering people to follow.  There are several list out there of people to follow.  You can go through my blog and my posts that I have tagged with Twitter to find some I followed when I first got started.  Edudemic has also put together a 50 Education Leaders Worth Following on Twitter to help you get started as well. 

We all probably use Google, or Bing, and even some people probably use Yahoo!  There are tons of other search engines available, which I have written about before as well.  Edudemic has put together 50 Search Engines You Probably Don't Use Yet and this would be a great starting point for trying to search for resources.  Many of these search engines will be specific for a certain resource.  That can make things a lot easier.

If you are stuck and looking for some information related to education, technology, online learning, mobile learning, and other resources related to education, Edudemic is a good starting point.  You can also follow Edudemic on Twitter.

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