Thursday, December 20, 2012

Google Santa Tracker

Christmas is just around the corner and the kids in your classroom or at your house are probably interested in seeing when Santa will be where.  Well, Google has their Santa Tracker read to assist you.  There is currently a countdown that kids can see.  From this page you can find Santa on Google+, download an Android App or install a Chrome Extension.  And what is fun this year, is tracking Santa on Google Earth.  My son is 5 turning 6 and enjoys my iPad as much as I do, so I am looking forward to sharing this tracking tool with him.

Through the Google Tracker site there are graphics and games as well that kids can play related to Christmas and Santa Claus.  A cool feature is a virtual "chat" with Santa to set up personal phone calls, messages on Google+, and an email.  You provide some information, and Santa will contact your kid. For more information about the Santa Tracker, click here.

If you don't want the Google Santa Tracker, the NORAD Santa Tracker is a good option as well.  It has a countdown as well and here is a short video about it.

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