Friday, January 11, 2013

Video Beyond the Box - Popcorn Maker

There is no shortage of video editing and video creation tools on the web.  Mozilla Popcorn Maker just might be the one that tops them all.  The video software makes it easy to integrate all types of media into a video.  You can take a clip from YouTube and enhance it with articles, graphics, text, audio, and even social media content from Twitter.  You can also include maps, pictures, and other live feeds into the video as well. It makes the video you create virtually interactive.  You can login using Persona so that you can save your video projects. 

On the main page, there are two options.  Users can either start a project or take a tutorial (highly recommend to see even more) to learn how to use the software.  To understand more, please see the video below to help you understand.  The video does a good job of showcasing the ability of this software. 

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