Friday, February 1, 2013

Create Amazing Videos from your Photos with Picovico

Digital Photo Stories are a popular method for students to use when creating a project and there is certainly no shortage of options out there on the web.  Picovico is another option for creating a Digital Photo Story.  Users can login with Facebook or create an account using the usual credentials.  For other options, see previous posts for Digital Story Telling.  

After creating an account users will choose from a particular style they want their show to be in and users can see a preview of each before selecting.  Users can then add photos of their choice through Facebook, Flickr, or from their computer.  After adding the image users can then add text to describe that section of the video or set a storyline in place.  The next step is to add music, if so desired.  Users can add the music of their choice or choose music from the available list.  To finish off the project, users can add a title and text about the video, choose the quality, the privacy settings, and then where to share it (Facebook or YouTube).  If looking for another Digital Storytelling option, give Picovico a try.  

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