Friday, February 15, 2013

Video Battles with ClipChoose

For years videos have been part of the education process.  With video creation becoming an even easier task for students and teachers, there are also several services that are becoming to use those videos in different ways.  Through ClipChoose, users can select multiple videos from YouTube which can then be voted on to determine a winner.  Teachers or students wanting to use the service for a project can add a question and then choose up to 8 videos.  Visitors then vote on the video that best answers the question.

I could see government teachers using this service to portray sides to differing political views.  Video projects uploaded to YouTube could be voted on by students and the winners could receive a prize in the classroom.  Marketing and business teachers could use the service to teach advertising techniques by companies and which commercial was more influential.  There are several videos for teaching a concept and students could choose which concept helped them learn the content better.  ClipChoose could be another valuable option in the classroom.

h/t to InTec Insights

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