Monday, March 25, 2013

Myndbook - Mindmapping Tool

Myndbook is another option for students and teachers to utilize when looking for a mindmapping tool.  I recently wrote a post sharing other options that you might be interested in reading.  Myndbook provides a very simple user interface and does not require a login to use immediately.  By creating a free account, users do have the option to save and go back and edit mind maps that they have created.

The interface allows users to easily move from one part of their mind map to another and adding new aspects is also simple.  There are some interesting features.  Users can print, present, or turn their mind maps into Flashcards and an outline.  Myndbook allows users to alter the colors and user text editing features as well.  There is also the option of adding in links or utilizing HTML.  Connecting aspects of the mind map is as simple as click and drag.

By logging in with Facebook users can share their mind map with others.  Myndbook would be a great option for taking notes from a textbook or an article.  

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