Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Organize Anything in a Fun and Sociable Way

Organisr is a free and collaborate way to organize lists, to dos, or ideas.  Users have the ability to create multiple lists that contain color coded items while also allowing users to move any item from one list to the next.  Creating an account is easy; all users need is their name, username, email address, and a password.  Users can mark things complete and then incomplete if need be, and when they are completed, they get marked through.  Users can assign tasks on the list to fellow users as well and determine task color and background color.  If unsure about how you will use the service, there is a sample page that users can utilize to learn how to utilize the service.  Organisr has a simple interface and seems very user-friendly.

I could see teachers utilizing Organisr to organize lesson plans and various activities for their classrooms.  It could also be utilized to brainstorm ideas for lessons and the color codes could be used to match them up. Department heads could collaborate to use the service to determine department based initiatives and make plans for achieving them.  Students could use Organisr to divide up responsibilities for a project and then track completion of the members of the group.  

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