Monday, March 11, 2013

SimCity EDU

Growing up I played every version of SimCity.  As versions got more complicated and more time consuming, my time dedicated to the game quickly diminished.  I always thought that this game had a place in education but the technology in schools was just not there.  Geography, Economics, Mathematics, Business, Marketing, Science, and on and on, are all relevant in this game and provide wonderful teaching opportunities.

With the newest SimCity release, users can now adapt the game into the classroom.  SimCity has created an education page dedicated to providing and sharing lesson plans using the game.  Users can create an account and upload their own lesson plans.  The use of SimCity would be a great way to reward kids or provide relevant work related to the game.  Students could easily relate the game to real world situations and answer "What if" questions.

To learn more about the most recent version and previous versions, visit the SimCity homepage.

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