Monday, March 4, 2013

Wealth Inequality in America

The video below is starting to go viral as it portrays the current thoughts, ideals, and reality of Income Inequality in America.  The video does an excellent job of portraying this information through the use of charts and graphs.

Teachers across the subject matter could use this video in their classroom.  Ideally, it would be more beneficial in a social studies classroom, but English teachers could use the video as a writing prompt.  A good activity would be to take the same data and apply it to students in your classrooms in order to make it relevant to them.  History and Government teachers could use the video and use recent historical events that created this reality in America.  Sociology classes could develop a list of how it has impacted our country and ways those could be addressed.  Either way, it could be a valuable video to share with students, especially high school students, as this is the economy that they are graduating into.

See the video for yourself and draw your own conclusions.  I highly recommend that you use or embed the video in order to hide the comments related to this video.

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