Monday, April 15, 2013

World Art Day Resources

In case you didn't know, today is World Art Day.  In celebration of Art, I wanted to share some Art resources that you might be interested in utilizing in your classroom or sharing with students.

1.) The Google Art Project - This is a tool that puts thousands of pieces of Art at your fingertips.  A great resource for not only art teachers, but also Social Studies teachers as well.

2.) Art Finder - A place to find and purchase Art from all over the world.

3.) Picasso Head - Create your own version of a Picasso.

4.) The Endless Mural - An interactive and collaborative Art website built in HTML5

5.) DrawSpace - Learn to draw with over 200 free downloadable lessons.  With a profile, users can keep track of progress.

6.) 50 Awesome and Inspiring Blogs for Art Teachers and Top 20 Art Blogs for Educators.

7.) SmartHistory from Khan Academy - The leading open educational resource for Art history.  The content is free and high quality.

8.) ArtLex Dictionary provides definitions for over 3,600 terms used in discussing art and visual culture.  There are also thousands of supporting images, pronunciation notes, and quotations as well.

9.) Artcyclopedia is like a wiki for art.  Tons of information, images, and other resources for art research.

10.) Artist A Day provides visitors with information and resources related to various artist.  A great way for students to visualize various types of art from all kinds of different artists.

11.) Scoot and Doodle is a collaborative drawing environment that uses Google + Hangouts.

12.) Psykopaint allows users to turn images into abstract art and apply shadows to pictures.

13.) My Oats, This is Sand, Jackson Pollock, and Bomomo provide some fun art creation.  

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