Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Five From My Feedly

Another week has gone by and a few days remain in the 2012-2013 school year.  Below are 5 recent posts from my that I wanted to share.  Feel free to pass these along if you like them as well.

1.) Last week was "Teacher Appreciation Week" and Angela Maiers has organized her Favorite Posts for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Great posts for a quick pick me up.

2.) Those of us with 1:1 or BYOT programs in our schools should be familiar with Backchanneling and how to utilize it in the classroom.  The Langwitches Blog recently had a post Stepping Up the Backchannel in the Classroom.  If you find yourself wanting to utilize this tool and strategy, or are looking for a way to improve, this would be a good starting point.

3.) The Speed of Creativity has done some posts recently sharing classes use of "Paper Slides" as an project in their classrooms using the technology that has been made available to them.   Here is an example of a Paper Slide Project related to the Egypt After Arab Spring.  Paper Slides are becoming a popular project method for classrooms to present information.  I have recommended it to several teachers through the past couple years.

4.) Looking for some blogs to start reading?  Free Technology for Teachers is a blog a follow and he recently shared his Ten Blogs I Read First and thought it would be a great share for those looking for blogs to start following.

5.) Lifehacker is a blog that I had seen before but never really followed until recently.  They recently shared a post comparing Evernote and Springpad and which someone would use to help them get organized.  If you are unsure, this would be a good start.  

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