Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stampsy - Create Digital Media Content on an iPad

Stampsy is a free app for iPad that allows users to create and share digital media content through several easy to use tools.  A "Stamp" is a unit of content that you create that can have up to 10 pages.  A grid in the background helps users create well-balanced designs.  Users can add images, enter text and arrange them to fit the needs of the project.  All the tools use Drag and Drop features.  Stampsy allows users to change font styles and colors while organizing this in a way that creates the best look every time.  Each "Stamp" has a unique URL that can be shared on the web to be read.  Stampsy would make a great addition to iPad schools looking for a tool to create Digital Photostories.

In the classroom, a teacher could create a network for their students to share their Stamps with the rest of the class and create an easy way to present their projects.  The only drawback at this time is the requirement to use a Facebook account to log in.  Hopefully this is fixed in the future for true potential classroom integration.  

You can find the App in the iTunes App Store.

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