Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Awesome Stories

Awesome Stories is a great site that has beneficial primary sources that students can use in English and Social Studies classrooms.  Find a topic that matches something you want to read and scan through the story.  Internal links allow you to get more information as well.  It also automatically creates a citation for you if students were to use it as part of a research assignment.

Topics include disasters, Biographies, Historic Events, Famous Trials, Religion, Inspiration, Movies, and Sports.  It covers such a broad spectrum that schools with a 1:1 program could utilize this site for readings within their schools as well as for homework.  You can sign up for the website which offers you added features.  Fairly easy reading and because their are hyperlinks within the stories your low end students can click on them to receive further information.  The site also includes slideshows, images, videos, and audio clips as well.  A very interactive way of reading a book.

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  1. This is a great site! I'm always fighting with my students to find and use reputable sources for their research. Here is another great source to aid them in their work. Thanks for the find! @TheNerdyTeacher