Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BumpTop - A New Desktop..3D!!!

Every once in a while there is that software that comes around that you look at and think...that is cool.  You then ponder, how could I use it to make my life easier.  For over 10 years Windows has had the same Desktop view.  No change.  Same folders, same windows.  Nothing but Blah.....Times are a changing.  One of the newest ways to improve the view of your desktop is BumpTop.  It is available for both Mac and PC's.  Imagine your desk...your actual desk being turning in to a computer screen.  The software has some great features and creates a 3-d desktop.

Here are some features:
- Drag and drop to a USB that FlashDrive...without opening a window or anything
- Swipe over and organize/pile documents, photos, links, etc. together
- Automatically upload to Twitter and Facebook from the desktop.
- Pin notes to side walls and then view those walls. 

My best advice is to watch the video below....Seeing is understanding.

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