Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Life....In Cell Phones

I sit here in bed thinking about how my life has changed (technology wise) since I was just a young lad.  First I realized, I would not be sitting in my bed, because I would not have had a computer small enough to have in my bed, of course then I also would not be able to type this blog, because the concept did not exist...because neither did the Internet...for the average person.  I remember a recent post on Twitter by Steven Anderson about receiving a Commodore 64.  I remember doing homework on that, but more importantly I remember playing Wheel of Fortune on a Gold and Black screen and thinking "Man, this is awesome!"

Oh my, how times have changed.  My computer is now my cell phone...or is it my cell phone is now my computer.?.  I remember getting my first cell phone.  It was a Mitsubishi (So old I can't find a picture of it).  It was through what is now T-Mobile (Is it sad that I cannot remember just 10 years ago the name of my first cell phone company...Voice Stream maybe?)  I remember thinking..."I am the man.  I have a cell phone.  No one has one of these."  At least no one I knew had one.  My dad had the first Motorola Flip phone and had it wired through his car so that he could speak "handsfree."  I had 100 minutes of talk time (of course now I got 4000 in rollover stored up...or something like that).  I remember my mom telling me that it was not worth it because that equals out to just over 3 minutes per day that I can use the phone, not to mention Roaming was a huge deal....not to mention coverage.

Next I got the Nokia...yes...that Nokia. Man was it great! The Nokia that allowed you to change the faceplate.  I think I had 4-5 different ones.  I had a Red one, a Fraternity one, one for U of L and WKU.  And before you ask, I also had the Swivel Clip.  And yes, I thought I was the man....again.  I remember walking around college with that on my hip and thinking, "I must look like a professional with this cell phone on my belt."  That Nokia was the best phone ever.......

Till I got my first Flip Phone, a Samsung.  Man was it great!  All these neat colors and ring tones.  I could even upload pictures to the phone.  Everyone around me was getting a cell phone.  This time...I had 150 minutes...2.5 hours of talk time.  Hard to imagine these days that was enough.  But that Samsung was great.  Small, no case needed, no clip needed.  Fit right in my pocket.  Didn't have to worry about locking the keys either.  What a great phone...That Samsung was the best phone ever......

Till I got my LG Camera Phone (Off Ebay).  Man was it great!  I could see the number who was calling...on the outside!!!  Not only that it had a camera on it!!  I mean come on, what a great invention.  I could take pictures of people and then when they would call me, I could see the picture I took of them...because we all know I did not know their phone number...or recognize their name!  That Nokia from 3 years before seems so lo-tech.  That LG Camera Phone was the best phone ever....

Till I got my Motorola RazR.  Talk about slick.  Man was it great!.  Black, shiny, camera, speaker phone, plays music for ring tones, and ultra slim.  I have hit the JACKPOT!  Everything I could ever want in a phone I got in the Razr, plus I got 250 minutes now!  I was the man.  I remember at this point Text Messaging was all the rage.  I thought I would never do that.  The point of the phone is to talk to people.  If I want to text, I will send an email.  That Razr was the best phone ever....

Till I got my Blackberry Curve.  Man, a full keyboard!  Text messaging is awesome.  Forget what I was saying about it before.  I could also sync with my computer and keep all my appointments on it.  I could even get my email from work.  I was completely connected.  I could check Facebook, Keep up to date with ESPN, what else could a man possibly want.  That Blackberry was the best phone ever...

Till I got my IPhone.  Seriously, what was my life like before this phone...Computer...TV...Game-Console...Calendar...To Do List...Newspaper...Chatroom...Atlas...Camera...Video Camera...MP3 Player...Weatherman...Voice Recorder...Accountant...I think you get the point.  So needless to say in 10 years look how far our phones have come.  It has to make one wonder...where are they going to go now?  What else do we want from our phones.

Then you have to will Cell Phones change the methods of teaching students?  Current Events, History, Calculators, Periodic Tables, Books, at their fingertips.  The technology needs to be accepted, encouraged, and managed.  We are blocking a vital tool to our students education.

And to think, in high school I thought I was the man because I had a Pager!


  1. Ha ha ha! I love this take on life!

    Now when will I "grow up" and get an iphone?

  2. Interesting look at things. I think I'd be happy if I could have a slide out keyboard for my iPhone, just a little something with raised keys.

  3. An iPhone is definitely on my list of "must have" items for the near future!

  4. A timeline of cellphones, I like it! Made me think about the long list of phones I have had. My first was a Nokia and I couldn't have been more excited about it. I wasn't actually allowed to use it (service was too expensive), but I felt pretty bad @$$ with that phone :) I was talking to my dad about this very thing the other day. He was telling me how amazing he felt when he had his very first calculator. Can't imagine what our future will hold!