Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Hero Factory

I was introduced to The Hero Factory by a fellow co-worker.  It is a website where visitors can create their own version of a Super Hero.  Now, my first thought was big deal.  Then she told me that students could use the hero that they created to write a story about their hero.  Not a bad idea.  But lets not stop there...so I started brainstorming....
  1. Write a Poem about their Hero
  2. Create a math word problem using the Hero in the problem and the solution
  3. History teachers could have students create a biography of the hero based on historical events
  4. Geography teachers could have students create a map of the where the hero travels
  5. Economics teachers could have students write about the impact a Super Hero might have on the Economy.
  6. Sociology Teachers could use this website when they discuss heros and who our heros our
  7. Science teachers could talk about the scientific probablities of certain super hero powers
  8. Foreign Lanugage teachers could create a Super Hero and then create a story line for their hero in the language they are studying
  9. Business and marketing teachers could have students create a resume for their hero
  10. Create a massive story within your class using the students hereos.  You could use Storybird or think of it like the game of telephone, but each student has to use their hero in their line of the story.
How does the site work?
1. Choose whether your hero is male or female
2. Choose facial characteristics - Hair, Eyes, Facial Hair
3. Choose your Upper Body Look - Shirts, Arms, Accessories, Emblems
4. Choose your Lower Body - Legs and Belt
5 Choose your Colors - Skin, Hair, Primary, Secondary, Detail
6. Choose your Abilities - Skin and Weapons (I wish their was more here, but there is not)

Click Finish and it Generates a Front Page of a Comic Book and a Name for your hero (Mine was rather simple...lacked any flare).  You can then Make Another, Print it, or Download it to a JPG....see mine below!

What ideas do you have for using The Hero Factory in your classroom?

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  1. Thanks for sharing Mike! I might have to use The Hero Factory for my next collaborative project with a teacher from another school.