Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Wiki #2 - Open Thinking Wiki

The Open Thinking Wiki is the creation of Dr. Alec Couros, who is the ICT Coordinator of the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina in Canada.  The purpose of the Wiki is to compile resources for the courses that he teaches.  There are categories that are useful to all educators: Digital Story Telling, CyberBullying, Digitial Citizenship, Videos, Emerging Technologies, etc. 

I was introduced to the site via Twitter, but the site I was given a link to was the information on Digital Story Telling.  A great resource for understanding the importance of DST in education, but also links to resources for using DST in your classroom as well as samples of other DST's that people  and students have created.  There are several that I thoroughly enjoyed watching, but I suggest that you look through and find the ones that interest you.

When trying to return to the home page for the Wiki, I was actually taken to another Wiki.  It appears to be the Wiki for the course that he teaches at Regina University.  It is worth looking at as well for information regarding Social Media and Open Education.  The video on the front page is worth viewing....seems to be the feeling of a lot of teachers in education.  Seems like an interesting course as well.  Seeing the Syllabus on a Wiki like this provides me a great idea for trying to get teachers to do the same thing at our school.  Creating on Word and uploading to a website is so 2008!

An informative Wiki, but also a Wiki that provides inspiration and ideas for how you could use a Wiki in your own classroom.

I found myself after school the other day watching many of the videos posted on this Wiki.

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