Thursday, January 7, 2010

Think Twice Thursday #1 - Education Humor

So what is the purpose behind Think Twice Thursday's?  To share a resource, website, article, or blog that you should think twice about using, visiting, following, sharing, and/or subscribing too.  So I start off this week posting about a blog that I voted for in the New Blog Category of the 2009 Edublog Awards.  In education we can always count on some stressful times when it comes to testing, NCLB, RTI, technology integration, lesson planning, duties, coaching, and oh yeah.....teaching.  So for many of us, humor can be a source of relief.  But the best humor for me always has to deal with education.

Right now you could probably think of a situation in teaching, or something a student said or did that would make you laugh right now.  That is one of the joys of teaching.  Well This Week's Education Humor helps to organize many of our thoughts and experiences into a blog worth thinking twice about visiting, as well as sharing with your colleagues; I did.

What I like about the blog is all the connections to experiences in the classroom, experiences with administration, and experiences with students and parents.  There are two categories that his post fall under that I have seen so far; School Stories and a Learning Laffs List.  He also has cartoons titled "Schoolies"  and "Mr Woodhead" that he has created and shares within his blog that are funny and worth printing and taping to your file cabinet, or pinning to a bulletin board.

Below is the first post I read when I visited for the first time.  The post that got my attention.  I am only copying and pasting it completely because as my reader I want you to see how clever and funny the post really are.

Time-out - "An Isolated Reflection Interval"
Detention - "Post-instructional Behavioral Adjustment Period"
Course Failure - "Unrequested Course Re-registration"
Incomplete Course Grade - "An Unrequited Educational Encounter"
Suspension - "Mandatory Discontinued Attendance"
In-School Suspension - "Mandatory Academically Unassigned Attendance"
Absence - "A Non-school Learning Experience"
Truancy - "An Undocumented Non-school Learning Experience"
Seating Assignment Change - "An Intraclassroom Transfer"
Sent to the Principal - "Compulsory Administrative Consultation"
Retention - "Lateral Academic Advancement"

The author of the Blog also has a website that he has created,
LearningLaffs, which I also recommend that you take some time and visit.  It is where you can find an archive of everything on the blog as well as other list, cartoons, videos, and humor.  You can also order collections of his cartoons as well as shirts.  Maybe I can convince the Principal at my school to order some of these for our staff shirts?

So when times get tough, or you are just having one of those days, think twice about taking it out on your students, coworkers, or family, and get a
dose of humor instead.

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