Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Focus - Social Signature For Me

Recently, as in this week, a fellow educator and tech savvy Twitter colleague decided to pursue the creation of his very own Web 2.0 website.  Jason Bedell, who not only was creating this site, but also organizing TeechMeet in Nashville, posted on his blog a beta version of a Social Signature Creator that people could create for their blogs or websites.  This signature creator would contain the icons of social media sites that you would like visitors to your blog to see so that they could follow you in other places on the web.

The beta version was a great concept, and within a few days, this beta version with a few social media sites had grown into a Social Signature Creator with around 20 Social Media sites and its ver own URL and Domain.  Social Sig For Me is a great concept considering the growth of Social Media.  Also consider that other options out there are not as extensive or as easily customizable.  Social Sig For Me is still a work in progress, and suggestions for other Social Signatures would be greatly appreciated so that the site can grow. 

You can see a sample of the signature at the top of my blog.

I encourage you to use, share and help support the creation of this Web 2.0 website by a fellow educator.


  1. Very neat idea! A great way to find your favorite bloggers and educators elsewhere on the web.

  2. This sounds very neat. I will have to look into this and maybe add it to my blog. Thanks for the share.

  3. Thanks. Let me know if it needs any changes to make it more useful to you.