Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twitter Tuesday - March Final Edition

Hard to believe that we are already at the end of March.  Considering I started this blog and started using Twitter in December, I wonder what I would have known had I started in August, or even last school year.  I am doing a Professional Development on Twitter and Blogging and hope to transmit how Twitter and Blogging have transformed my passion about education, teaching, and students.  So much is lost these days with legislation and budget cuts that we are forgetting who is affected the most.  Students. 

But enough rambling, time for the great Twitter Tweecap from the past week.

1.) As a History teacher, a Ning like this would be really beneficial.  The Teaching History with Web 2.0 Tools is great for social studies teachers to join and share how they are using Web 2.0 in the Social Studies Classrooms.  By the way, when I shared this Ning on Twitter last week, it went from 6 members to 31.  And the Ning was created as part of a PD.  You can see the creators blog here

2.) The 23 Things Project is designed to help introduce you to tools that can help transform your classroom, school, and teachign style.  Thanks to @Web20Classroom for such a great project and idea.  Also another great link from his Blog is "Why a PLN?"  A great voicethread!

3.) Want to learn more about Web 2.0?  Well take a class!  This is a self paced experience to help you learn about Web 2.0 and create an online protfolio.  Great to share with new teachers and teachers interested in using Web 2.0.

4.) 25 Essential Free iPhone Apps for e-Learners

5.) TubeChop - Allows you to easily chop sections of YouTube videos and save for later.

6.) Dreams of Education - A new blog by @ktenkely that discusses all things that many of us wish education would be and focus on.  Looking forward to it as an addition to the Blogging Alliance :)

7.) My school system uses Turning Point because of its easy integration with Power Point.  Here is a list of 10 Ways to use Turning Point to make your classroom interactive.

8.) Share with your students the 15 Essential Web Tools for Students.  Gerat stuff!!!

9.) From @RusselTarr - A great way to edit pictures online using Cut My Pic.  Also a great Countdown Timer...that lets you choose music and upload your own!!

10.) Want to build a website?  Try one of these 45 Web Builders.  Really?  That Many?

11.) A MUST READ!!!  10 Gaps in Education that don't get enough Press

12.) Interested in starting a Blog using Blogger?  Check out these Blogger Video Tutorials.

13.) Lit 2 Go - A great way to put literature on your students iPods.  Especially if you have an iPod Touch Prorgam.

14.) Want to share files online?  Here are the 5 Best Sites for Online File Storage and Sharing.

15.) Fresh Brain - A place for students to create Facebook Applications, Video Games, and Videos.

16.) Math teachers are always looking for movies to show in class.  Well, this website has a TON of clips. Way to go Harvard!

17.) Constitution Facts - Great for government classrooms.  I was always looking for a great way to teach the Constitution.

18.) A Wallwisher Wall trying to findout what your favorite Web 2.0 Tools are.  Share your favorites.


  1. I agree! I bet in December you had no idea what you were getting into here as far as the wealth of information, knowledge, and passion. I am constantly amazed at what I learn in any given week. Thanks for this recap, I missed Fresh Brain. It sounds like it would be a winner with my students. I'm going to check it out now.

  2. A solid collection of links. Whenever I feel like I want to give something new a try, I know you will have something for me to look over. Thanks for putting this list together.