Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Focus - My First Digital Publication

Recently I have been seeing numerous and wonderfully put together digital magazines involving integrating technology in the classroom.  Seeing them motivated me to create my own.  So often, we as teachers (myself included) are throwing up PowerPoint as our main form of enhancing lecture, as well as integrating technology.

Students are burnt out on PowerPoint.  We use it to much, and we have them create them to much.  Slide Shows are great, but they are no longer the only method of delivering lecture notes to your students.  Plus, how is that making lecture interactive with your students?  How are they LEARNING from your lecture notes if all they do is copy them down?

I recently did a presentation at the TeachMeet Nashville Conference on using Web 2.0 to enhance lecture. I created my presentation using Prezi.  I wanted to be able to enhance that presentation, so I created a digital magzine.  You can find my publication here.  I used word and then uploaded it using Issuu.  You can also see the publication on the sidebar of this blog at the very top.  Click on the center of the publication and it will open full screen.  Or, you can see it below.

I would appreciate any comments, suggestions, ideas, or ways that you have improved lecture in your classroom using Web 2.0.


  1. Thanks for sharing this publication - it's excellent and I will definitely share this with colleagues at school.
    I've started doing PD for teachers at my school and I use Prezi. Recently I gave my Grade 7 students a choice about how they wanted to present and the 3 top tools were Glogster, Prezi and Scrapblog. I doubt any of these students will ever choose PowerPoint again.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Fantastic ideas and wonderful presentation of the ideas. I am passing the link on to teachers here as a resource for them to use.