Monday, April 19, 2010

Must See Monday: A-Z Cool Tools

Everyday I come to realize the power of my PLN and PLN's in general.  Through Twitter I was able to follow the KySTE conference that was in Louisville , KY in March.  By following the KySTE Hashtag on Twitter I was able to discover and communicate with other Kentucky educators who are on Twitter. 

One person that I met and started following was Jeremy Renner who is a Technology Resource Teacher for the Jefferson County School District.  I also was able to attend his session about his favorite 10 Web 2.0 tools for education while at the conference and came away with one of my new favorite tools, 

Last week I received an email from Jeremy about a Digital Magazine that he had created called A-Z Cool Tools.  Jeremy was asking for my thoughts and opinions about what he created.  I was impressed with the organization and creativity of the publication, as well as the many resources it contains.  I am currently working on my own Digital Magazine as well based on my recent presentation at the TeachMeet Nashville Conference.  The A-Z Cool Tools provided further inspiration.

In the A-Z Cool Tools you will find links and information about a plethera of Web Tools that you can use in your classroom.  A great resource for teachers, but definitely worth sharing with Elementary teachers because many of the links have an elementary teacher feel.  It is also a great resource for Library Media Specialist as well.

Check out this great resource and share with teachers.  Encourage them to view my blog and leave comments for Jeremy so that when he reads the post he can see what others think about his A-Z Cool Tools


  1. Thanks for introducing me to this neat book and interesting blog!

  2. Twitter, there isn't a day that goes by that my world isn't changed by it. You have to love all of the opportunities that it allows! Thank you for sharing Jeremy's great work!