Monday, July 26, 2010


howjsay is a great resource for any teachers out there working with ESL students, or even students at a young age who struggle with pronunciation of English words.  You type in the word that a student is struggling to pronounce and the web based software will read the word to you with a very clear and concise voice.  You scroll over the word with your mouse and it will pronounce the word every time your mouse passes over the word you highlight.  You can list up to 6 entries for it to find.

Do you have some other students struggling with a foreign language?  Well, type in that word in English, and then use the Google Translator and it will translate it into the language for you.  howjsay will not pronounce though.  At least not yet, maybe in the future.

Want students to know the definition?  That is an option as well.  Students can also click on a "define" link and it will define it using Google Dictionary.

Have an iPhone?  You can also find the HowjSay iPhone App as well.

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