Monday, July 26, 2010

Troovi - Photo Sharing

Troovi is a site that provides a URL for sharing photos.  Working on a project with students and want a collection of Photos?  Troovi can do that.  Teach a Journalism class and want a student to save the photos that night for you to see without having to download them?  Troovi can do that.  Teach Yearbook?  Yeah, that too.  What a great idea.  A place to share and upload photos to one URL.

A collection is deleted if it is not accessed for more than 30 days.  90 days with a premium account.  The basic version allows for 500 photos per collection for completely free.  You can sign up for an account, free or premium, and then log in when you visit the site.

I really think this could be a useful way for students to share photos they find for a project, collage, discussion, etc.  My school did block my ability to upload photos though, so that could be an issue, but if done from home, still a way for students to share pictures. 

When they allow the opportunity to create your own URL, that will make the site even better.

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