Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do's and Don'ts of PowerPoint

I admit it.  I never did a good job of teaching my students how to create a PowerPoint Presentation.  I made the same assumption so many other teachers do.  I assumed that the students knew how to create a good PowerPoint.  They don't.  At the same time, teachers also struggle with making quality PowerPoint Presentations.  I know I did.  The following is a short manual or resource listing GOOD ways to use PowerPoint, and BAD ways to use PowerPoint.

There are other options out there.  I know, but so many teachers and students are still using PowerPoint.  So I figure it is best to teach them how to properly create a PowerPoint.

You can view the Resource below, or visit the website and download a PDF.

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  1. Great reminder that just because students might be able to successfully use PowerPoint, they don't necessarily know how to do it appropriately. Good presentation must be taught to both students and teachers alike.