Friday, August 13, 2010

Creaza - All in One

Finally a site has decided to merge many sites together. Creaza is a site that offers a mind-mapping tool, cartoon creation, movie editor, and audio editor.  You can read their blog to discover some of their amazing features. The layout seems very similar to Microsoft Office 2007 version products.

- Click Here for a video about the Mind-mapping software.
- Click Here for a video about the Cartoon software
- Click Here for a Demo/Video of the Video Editor (Does take some time to load)
- Click Here for a video about the Audio Editor

In order to use the software you do have to register for an account with Creaza.  It creates a profile page like most websites are doing these days.  It seems to have a lot of useful tools all in one.  Something I was waiting to happen.  You can use the audio tracks you make in the audio editor in your video editor.  The video editor offers a ton of options.

My best advice is to watch the videos.  Each has unique features that are very useful for projects.  I really enjoyed exploring this site and seeing the tools available to teachers and students.

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  1. I love Creaza. They really do have a huge range of themes, art work etc for Cartoonist, plus the editor works well.