Wednesday, September 1, 2010

15 Ways to use a SMART Slate/Airliner in the Classroom

Perfect practice will make for perfect use. You must practice using the Airliner with and without your students to get used to the functionality. I also highly recommend that you spend a 10-15 minutes a day examining the SMART Notebook software to get a feel for all that it can do.

A wireless Slate/Airliner allows you to be more mobile in your classroom. Take advantage of this mobility by walking around the room and turning individual work into group work and allowing more interaction among students when working on assignments.

1.)Create or Scan the worksheet that students will be working on. Instead of verbally asking students the answer when going over the worksheet, have students use the Airliner to write in the correct answer in the blank spaces. Same goes if filling in a Venn-Diagram or other chart. The same goes for if you are using a Document Camera

2.)Use the Airliner to highlight notes from a PowerPoint Presentation, or underline critical vocabulary within the presentation. Make students more aware of the most important points in a slide.

3.) Use it to circle or highlight an area of a picture or movie that you are showing to the class.

4.)Have a student working on a problem on the Board while having another student use the Airliner to work on another problem.  Great for Math Classes where the projector screen covers part of your board.

5.)Display a homework assignment. When a student has a question you can stand by the student and use the Airliner to explain the process instead of going to the board.

6.)Give the Airliner to a student; have them use it to explain an answer while you help other students.

7.)Instead of having students come up to the board, pass around the Airliner.

8.)Airliners are a great tool to use when visiting interactive websites. Allow students to control what happens.

9.)Use the screen shade function when wanting to show one question at a time or even one answer at a time. Helps alleviate having to make copies when students can use Notebook Paper.

10.)Use the recording feature to record students doing the work step by step and then play it back for further understanding.

11.)Print a screen shot of your desktop and other features. Place that on the Airliner so you have something to look at if looking at the screen is troublesome.

12.)Using a Document Camera, display your book to the class and highlight areas that you want the students to read, focus on, or take notes from. Great for vocabulary that might not be highlighted by the textbook company. Have students highlight words they don’t know within the text as well. This can be done for any book or text as well.
13.)Use the Spotlight feature to block out text and show just a picture (or vise versa). This really helps kids who get distracted easily.

14.)Take True/False or matching worksheets and use an airliner to mark the answer and then discuss why it is true or false. Do a word search or crossword puzzle activity as a class.

15.)Take student work and highlight what was done right and what was done wrong (make sure you don’t show the students name). You can use a document camera, have the document in its Word Processor, or scan it. Have students discuss what could be done better and what was done right.

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  1. Excellent tips, they would also work for Promethean's slate (ActivSlate).