Friday, September 3, 2010


Are you or your students ALWAYS forgetting stuff.  Need a reminder?  More specifically, do you need a reminder phone call?  Wakerupper is a site that takes on the idea of getting a wake up call like you do when staying in a hotel.  With Wakerupper you provide a date, time, phone number, and even a message.  Like all sites where you provide information about yourself, it is a good reminder to read through the Terms of Service.  There is also a mobile website available for those who want reminders while on their cell phone.

The site could be very handy for helping students remember test, projects, meetings, etc, especially in this day and age when students are on their phones more then they are in front of the TV or computer.  You can register for a premium account which sets up prepaid reminders that include voice reminders, recurring calls, and snooze.
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