Friday, September 3, 2010

Doing a "FLIP" Across the Curriculum

With part of the grant for the creation of my position, teachers got the ability to order several different kinds of technology equipment.  One of those pieces of equipment, a FLIP Camera.  I got one as well...I love it.  I also won one at the Nashville TeachMeet last school year, so now I have one for work and play.  So the question then do we use such a great and simple tool in the classroom?  Well here are some ideas for student use. 

Social Studies
1.) Have students portray a President and recreate a famous speech
2.) Act out a time period in history
3.) Use for Mock Trial to record "evidence" at a scene of a crime
4.) Create advertisements for products when teaching Economics
5.) Create advertisement for inventions in history
6.) Interview family members
7.) Create Propaganda Techniques
8.) Film "On The Scene" news clips as if a news reporter from an event in history
9.) Create a movie trailer about an event in history, or even a biography of a person from history
10.)Create a music video for any of the subject matter

1.) Record experiments and then include in a Glog instead of doing the standard lab write up
2.) Create video advertisements for all the Elements on the Periodic table and how they are used in real life
3.) Create a Music these
4.) Interview people in different science careers and bring in for career day activities
5.) Video Science in action - life cycle, hydro-logic cycle, chemical reactions, etc
6.) Create How-To videos explaining the steps in scientific and physic processes

1.) Give to students to take home.  Have the work out and explain a math problem.  Then bring in to school and let the student share with the class
2.) Take a camera out and measure different angles in the school/community for a geometry lesson
3.) Create a "Math in my Life" video journal.  Have students record when they use math in their daily lives and share at the end of the semester.
4.) Create How to videos over mathematics and formulas
5.) Have students record your explanations of math problems in your classroom and then make them available on the web or put them on their flash-drive for them to use for homework.

1.) Create a movie trailer for a book they are reading in the class
2.) Create a monologue for a poem from class.  Catch the emotion of a poem.
3.) Allow students to record a speech instead of giving the speech in front of the class if nerves keep them from full potential
4.) Record students doing the My Three Words Campaign
5.) Recreate scenes from a play or short story
6.) Record a skit of dialogue from a section of a book.

Foreign Language
1.) Have students create common words translation videos
2.) Have students record a certain artifact and then translate it on video
3.) Have students go around school/town and translate popular spots, places, etc into the foreign language

1.) Create a review video for students to use for exams and show on school news.
2.) Take on Field Trips and share with students via school news
3.) Record classroom discussions
4.) Record your lecture and make available as podcast, for viewing on your website, or on a flash-drive
5.) Record a daily vocabulary word and act out definition.

I am sure that there are several more.  What ideas do you have?  How have you used a FLIP Camera in your subject matter?


  1. Truly excellent ideas!! I have had students "interview" a character from a book working with a friend. They have to know the character well enough to know how they would respond to questions. They turn out great!

  2. Check this out too:

  3. I used a flip camera with my fourth graders to develop a classroom newscast. What a great experience for the students. We reported on sports, weather, teachers, and administrator perspectives.

  4. Great ideas, we also use them to do grammar challenges and word definitions for the site

  5. My students interviewed each staff member in the school about what made the school special. We put all the interviews together to introduce the staff to the student body and then showed at Parents' Night.

  6. I got my kids to create a movie showing their understanding and interpretation of a text, in the style of the Commoncraft videos. Could be great for explaining a concept in math or science that style too.

  7. This is a wonderful collection of idea for Flip Cams. This will be a great help to teachers in my district. Thanks for the great info.

  8. Idea I'm working on with kids - make an ad for action to address a problem with oil... Will be shown as end product of the 8th grade follow-up to the Take Action Project they did in 7th. for materials. The Problems with Oil Project is in development.

  9. Dear Michael, what is the situation with using video to record students? Are there not some issues involved in filming students? And if so, how do we overcome those sensitive issues?
    Thanks for any help

  10. Gabe,

    Generally schools have a Media Release Form that parents and students sign that provides permission to the district to film students and therefore publish them to the web.

    Any students and parents who are against being videoed, it is up to the teacher to ensure videos involving those students do not get published. They can still be filmed, they just can't be published on the web.

    Personally, I have not had any issues when it comes to videoing students. Sure, there are students who don't want to be videotaped, so it is up to the teacher to ensure that those students are provided alternative assignments.

    It is just a good idea to ensure that you know your students and what they are comfortable with.