Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Professional Development 2.0

Jason Bedell who is a member of my PLN, has put together a great Professional Development document that helps to explain this movement in education by educators to embrace Social Media/Networking, join Twitter, and start blogging.  He does a great job of outlining how to get started in joining this movement towards becoming a 21st Century Educator. 

With this document you can learn about what a PLN is and how to start creating your own network of educators.  You can also learn about blogging and how it can help you reflect on teaching and learn to use blogs by other teachers to make you a better teacher, as well as integrating blogs into your curriculum with students.  He also discusses Social Bookmarking (sites like Diigo and Delicious) and this other new movement in education, the UNconference.

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  1. It is a great document full of tips and ideas for using social media/social networking.