Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekly Subject Based Websites

You can see my previous and initial post in my weekly series of post dedicated to sharing resources for specific content areas. 

Social Studies
I have two for you today - From the iLearn Technology Blog, Today's Document is a site dedicated to bringing history from the national archives to life in cartoon form.  I really like this idea for bell ringer activities.  Kids of all ages like cartoons and this idea is very helpful to sharing events in history in a fun and informative way.  Thanks for sharing Kelly!  The second one comes from Free Technology For Teachers and it is Vote Easy, which is a site dedicated to helping students and people learn about the candidates in their state and local elections.  This would be a great tool to bring the election to life in your classroom.  Would also help foster some great discussions.  Thanks for sharing Richard!

This resource came to me from a great education blog by Vanessa Cassie and it is a Periodic Table game that allows you to learn about the elements while also learning where they belong on the Periodic Table.  This would be a great activity to use a SMARTBoard or Airliner/Wireless Slate with. 

This resource is mainly for 7th-9th grade math, with 10th grade coming in the future, but Wired Math offers games, lessons, and resources for those grade levels.  Each grade is then broken down into different categories making finding a resource easier.  These resources would also be great to use with other pieces of technology in your classroom.

Wordia - Bring words to life.  Wordia is a high-quality online dictionary: a professional authoritative textual dictionary but with one big difference, it allows users to search for the spelling, meaning and etymology of a word but what makes Wordia unique is the ability for users to explore the personal connotation of word through video.  Teachers can create their own free account and set up the ability to track students vocabulary learning.  This would be a great way to use FLIP camera's in the classroom.

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  1. Awesome resources! Thanks for mentioning Today's document...I only wish it had existed when I was a kid!